Apiary Update Jan 2022

Happy New Year to you all.

I went along to the apiary site today to check the hives had sufficient stores.

I normally heft the hives after taking the roof off, so am able to see any bee activity near the crown board feed holes.

The 7 main colonies were all nice and heavy and bees active near the feed holes – too cold for any flying though.

The 2 Nucs (which are overwintering on 6 frames in full size brood boxes with a dummy board) were OK but a little light, so I put on a block of fondant just to make sure they had enough for the next couple of weeks.

The daffodils around the site are showing through the ground – so spring is on the way.

Despite all the wet weather the ground was quite firm with no sign of the puddles or flooding we have had in previous years. 👍

Take care everybody and take care of your bees, make sure they have food and resist any temptation to disturb them in their brood box until April.


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