Swarms & concerns about the presence of bees on your premises

IDENTIFICATION: If you have bees on your premises and are concerned about what type of bee they are, PLEASE TRY TO IDENTIFY THEM by using the information on the BBKA Swarms pages (Identifying Common Bee Types) before you pursue the options given below. Swarm collection is for Honey Bee swarms only!

I’m afraid that our small band of hobbyist beekeepers can only collect honey bee swarms that are in an accessible location as a cluster (e.g. tree branch or shrub) and can be cut free straight into a swarm collecting box.
If you have a swarm cluster of this nature, please use the  British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) link above where you can find a beekeeper who may be available to remove honey bee swarms.

If our swarm collection arrangements above can’t accommodate you there is a professional swarm collecting service available.
Ring Freephone 0800 373 023 to speak to David Snelson or Andy Thompson. They advertise a 24hr, 365 day/yr, emergency service. PLEASE NOTE:- They will charge for this service. Also they are not connected to Coventry BKA, so our branch takes no responsibility for this service.

New Members Needing Bees

If you are a CBKA member who need bees, you can register to receive a swarm.  Use THIS LINK to register.